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The Madrid Association of Artisan Trades (AMOA) was born in 2020 from the union of two historical associations of Madrid, Artesanos de la Villa and Gremio de Artesanías Varias, founding the most representative association of the handicraft sector in the Community of Madrid.

Over the years, the artisans that make up the association have maintained design and authorship as principles, preserving the sector and supporting its development with the help of the Madrid institutions.

At present, more than 100 artisans and a multitude of trades meet at AMOA.


Mercados de Artesanía

Te invitamos a vivir Madrid y una de sus experiencias más originales gracias a los Mercados de Artesanía.

Año tras año nos entusiasma seguir recibiendo clientes de toda una vida, así como nuevos visitantes que se acercan a descubrir la magia de la artesanía de Madrid.

Primavera, Otoño y Navidad son fechas en las que nos gusta compartir contigo nuestro trabajo de todo un año en el taller.

Te esperamos!


Fair Christmas Market

A perfect plan

"Whenever we can, we get closer. We love to take a walk downtown and visit the Craft Market"

We fail no year

"We have been visiting the Christmas edition for 34 years. It is already a tradition, to go to see the lights of Madrid and the artisans"

And all done by hand

"It seems to us something magical. To see the work so well done by the hands of a person"

Small local artisan

"We have always supported the small business of Madrid, especially if it is something artisan and with its own authorship"